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Mortgages, Niche Credit and Forex

Asset rich and cash poor. Sound familiar? Many of our clients experience financing difficulties because of liquidity constraints. We can provide options for financing from mortgages and art acquisitions to private jet purchases.

We have many clients who have difficulty accessing mortgages for property purchases because they do not have steady income streams. This can be problematic and some have to liquidate other assets to raise cash when they would prefer to take advantage of the current low-interest-rate credit environment. 

Equally, owing to capital appreciation or renovation work, many people find themselves holding properties with significant amounts of Equity and would like to release some of it for other purposes. 

We work hard to find solutions to these requests and we know the banks and institutions to approach depending on the circumstances. They all have different levels of risk that they are willing to take on board. From high-end apartments in London to development projects in Vietnam there is usually someone who will be interested in financing it.

We can also help with specialist financing such as for Artwork, Private Jets and Yachts. 

Another area where we have helped many of our clients is with their currency exchange requirements. From one-off large sum transfers to setting up a platform for lower value frequent transfers (eg. university fees or mortgage payments)  we will always beat the bank rate.

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