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Alternative Investments

As passive investing has become so widespread many are looking to non-public markets in V.C. Real Estate and P.E. to diversify and expand their portfolio. 

The biggest trend in investing over the last 10 years has been the trend to passive investment. In many respects, this was to be expected as so many Investment Managers became closet trackers with active management fees on top.

There are many advantages to passive investing most notably the low fee structure but the public appetite has not really been tested, long term, in a flatlining market environment. We have had more than 10 very good years for investors and its officially the longest bull market in history so this may get tested soon. 

With this in mind, many investors are looking to other sources to create value in their portfolios in more challenging markets. We have identified some independent investment companies that use their own proprietary strategies to try and beat the market. Venture Capital, Private Equity, Boutique Funds and some good old fashioned stockpickers are all using a combination of Market knowledge, Insight, Machine Learning and Technical Analysis to differentiate themselves and create value in all market conditions.

We can recommend several good quality alternative investment companies and advise on how best to integrate them within your portfolio.

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